Dear Customers,

The Steamery, Inc. is currently offering a discount to customers on HVAC Air Duct Cleaning, as well as Dryer Vent Cleaning services. Due to an increase in allergens, mold, and mildew caused by inclement weather and heavy rain earlier this year, our company will be offering these services at a 50 percent discounted rate. This promotion is valid for the months of January and February, 2016. Please see promotional  pricing and additional details below:

Air Duct Cleaning: $25/air duct + Tax

Dryer Vent Cleaning:  Tax$40/dryer vent + Tax

About HVAC Air Duct Cleaning:

·      The Steamery, Inc. provides HVAC cleaning to remove odors and reduce allergens caused by pets, smoke and mildew.

·      This process consists of using special equipment to blast debris and dust found in duct work, which is then suctioned out through the vent opening. A Microban solution is applied to rid mold and mildew.  A sealant is then sprayed in the duct-work that coats the interior, resulting in a clean duct-work system with reduction or complete elimination of odor.

·      We also provide dryer vent cleaning which aids your dryers’ dry time and reduces possibility of overheating which may lead to fire.

In order to receive these substantial cost savings, a minimum of five units must be scheduled for Air Duct Cleaning, and the same applies for Dryer Vent Cleaning. For additional questions or concerns, please contact by phone at 210-693-2467 or by email at In addition, and to see before and after photos, please visit our site online by clicking the following link:

The customers are the heart of our business. We look forward to serve you again in the future.


Matthew Thomas